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Hey, and welcome to my website, I’m Will. Whether you’re looking to get fitter, lose body fat, increase your strength or boost your overall athleticism, I have the knowledge and skills to ensure you achieve the results you deserve!


Before becoming a fully certified personal trainer, I was once a tried-and-tested gym enthusiast for over 14 years. I have been every type of person in the gym: a confused first timer; the teenager who just wanted bigger arms; that person who wanted to be able to lift the heaviest weights; and the person who wanted to be as shredded as possible. Indeed, it’s fair to say I’ve lived and learnt every single one of these experiences, giving me the knowledge to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did.


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‘It’s a genuine pleasure to be trained by him.’

I’ve trained with Will for over three years now, and the improvements in my fitness and health have been incredible. Will tailors training carefully, ensuring that sessions are enjoyable with a clear goal in mind. He is constantly looking to introduce new techniques or refine our programme to ensure that things never get stale or to adapt in the goals change. Things never get boring, and that’s down to Will’s enthusiasm and attention to detail. It’s a genuine pleasure to be trained by him.


‘In the space of 6 months Will has significantly improved my well being.’

When I started training with Will back in April, Will asked me what my ambition was given I had a L4/L5 back injury I said first and foremost was to (a) mentality be in a better place as am not afraid to admit at 41 years old my mental health was struggling and at a all time low (B) to maybe get back on to a football pitch even if it was to play veterans football (C) see a major change within my body.

Will promised me everything within my gym ambition would be achieved and was done so when I managed to play football on October 23rd.

In the space of 6 months Will has significantly improved my well being, mental health, changed my body with strength and conditioning and made me realise my dream at the age of 41 of playing football it still amazes me how this was achieved when 9 months ago I struggled to even pick my dog up.


‘He really works hard for each and every one of his clients and takes the time to tailor programmes for you.’

When I started with Will, I wasn’t a stranger to exercise but in terms of going to the gym itself, I was a bit of a novice. Since that first day meeting Will, he’s inspired confidence in me in the gym. His attention to detail is, for me, second to none. He really works hard for each and every one of his clients and takes the time to tailor programmes for you. I am now in a place, thanks to Will, that I’m very, very happy with, noticing the difference in my body and feeling very, very strong. Will is a credit to PTs everywhere and is proof that PTs can change your lifestyle, whereas, before I was slightly sceptical about the PT process. He’s outstanding in what he does and the proof is in his clients.



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